Husbandry Committee

Katrinna Lee

Lisa Brott, Brittany Drake, Christine Ison, Tori Mattingly, Olivia Plocinski, Jillian Voss, Kristin Windle


The EMA Husbandry Committee seeks to provide the EMA membership with up-to-date husbandry information. We focus on the husbandry needs of newborn calves to geriatric adults and everything in between. We hope to encourage an open forum where members can share information regarding elephant husbandry and the most common practices when it comes to caring for elephants.

Husbandry Committee Goals:

  • Provide husbandry information through JEMA and Gray Matters.
  • Provide fast and accurate information about what is being used for husbandry at different facilities.
  • Make "how to" videos that members can reference.
  • Maintain an up-to-date database for husbandry care products that makes finding information easy.
  • Provide husbandry guidance to elephant management programs.

To access the Husbandry Database, click here.

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