EMA Bylaws

The Elephant Managers Association (EMA) is a non-profit organization that is governed in accordance with the bylaws that can be accessed by clicking here. Bylaws may be amended by the Executive and/or Board of Directors until a quroum is reached.

EMA Member Code of Ethics

  1. The obligation of all members of the Elephant Managers Association (EMA) is to promote and advance the welfare of elephants and the profession of elephant care.
  2. We recognize that not all members of the EMA are professionally engaged in the captive management of elephants. However, it is the duty of all members to do their utmost to maintain the highest degree of professional competence and ethical standards in managing elephants, when applicable.
  3. Each member will support the objectives of the EMA as reflected by the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws of the EMA, and resolutions duly adopted by the Board of Directors and members of the EMA.
  4. It will be considered unethical behavior if a member deviates from the EMA Code of Ethics or is part of an action that would be detrimental to elephants, elephant management, other members of the EMA, or the EMA itself.

Commitment of EMA Members

As a member of the EMA, I will be committed to:

  1. promoting the interests of the EMA and cooperate with fellow members by demonstrating the highest level of professionalism in dealing with the public, media, professional associates, and fellow EMA members;
  2. aiding in the development of those who choose to enter the elephant care profession by assisting them in understanding the functions, duties, and responsibilities of elephant management; and
  3. encourage active research and the dissemination of all relevant achievements to professional elephant and zoological managers through the Journal of the Elephant Managers Association (JEMA) and/or other appropriate publications.

If applicable, as a member of the EMA working directly with elephants in human care, I will be committed to:

  1. displaying the highest level of ethical standards, respect, and care of the elephants in my charge in accordance with all state and federal regulations;
  2. maintaining the highest possible safety standards at all times;
  3. providing the best possible husbandry and veterinary care of elephants; and
  4. endeavoring at all times to improve the environmental for all elephants in human care, particularly those in my charge.

The Elephant Managers Association (EMA) is an international, 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization.

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